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Let’s say a union has just won a representation election and now you’ve become a unionized employer. Suddenly, after running your own business, you’ve got a partner. No more unilateral decisions in dealing with your employees ...

The key question: How do you protect yourself in decision making and prevent union encroachment on your prerogatives as a boss, including your right to terminate deadwood employees?

It may seem ironic, but your best defense is something that comes with a union: the negotiated contract. The contract language spells out your management rights. So what you do in negotiating that contract—the goals you formulate—is vital to protecting your interests.

Through the years, decisions of the NLRB and the courts have tended to narrow management’s rights in what has seemed to be an invasion of business decisions. An example is the area of subcontracting, interpreted to involve “terms and conditions of employme...(register to read more)

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