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Signs you have a drug problem at work

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in Employee Benefits Program,Human Resources

White Paper published by The HR Specialist


When drugs don't seem to present a problem within a company, it's easy to develop a cavalier attitude about them. That's not smart. Drug abuse often begins with a single offender and then spreads, sometimes with frightening speed. Experts say that your best defense is to detect drug abuse when it first appears and to root it out immediately. That's easier said than done. But by staying in touch with your staff, you'll know what is normal behavior for them and be able to notice when something is off-center.

Signs to look for

  • Accident proneness. Some drugs interfere with eye-hand coordination, causing employees to stumble or fumble with equipment.
  • Inattention or forgetfulness. Sometimes a supervisor's request or instructions may fail to register with an employee who is high.
  • Absenteeism. Be suspicious of an increase in sick days. Drug users miss work about twi...(register to read more)

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