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What Technology Wants From You

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I recently finished What Technology Wants by Kevin Kelly and strongly encourage you to find time for this book as it will cause you to think and see differently how the Technium is evolving around you and interacting with your life.  While there were many great ideas in the book (I have 6 pages of notes), Mr. Kelly asks an important question I want to share with a slightly different twist.

He states that "science is not built to increase either the truthfulness or volume of information.  It is designed to increase the order and organization of knowledge we generate about the world.  Science is a machine we have invented to connect information."  I think we can agree that the web is the greatest machine to date that allows us to connect and make sense of a very wide variety of information.

He goes on to ask; "How can technology make us better people?  It provides a chance to excel at the unique mixture of talent and ability we were born with and encounter new ideas and minds.  It provides the chance to create something of our own."

It provides the chance to create something of our own...  As a business owner, you are already actively involved in this endeavor.  So, what if we apply this thought process to your business and your customers? 

How can you utilize your businesses' unique attributes, integrate those attributes with the interconnected knowledge available on the web, and deliver it to your customers in a way that makes them better people, parents, workers, leaders, partners, suppliers, educators, administrators, students, writers, thinkers?  I think this is what technology wants from you.

As you think about what you want to accomplish in 2011, this is a worthy question.

Thank you, Kevin Kelly.

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