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How do I Find Sharon?

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in The Wrong Question

My wife is a great talker. More importantly, she’s an influential talker. She loves to talk about businesses, products and places that captivate her imagination (and money). Right now she’s into Cabi clothes. Last Sunday afternoon about 20 women friends purchased over $7,200 worth of Cabbie fashions in 3 hours. Lifetime Fitness has 8 new members (in 4 months) and Cava’s Bistro gets new diners almost weekly at her suggestion.

Trust me, having Sharon talk about your business will ring the register.

Better Question: How do I create a product, service or experience Sharon will talk about?

Lifetime Fitness has created a great, country club feel around a fitness center for a price slightly above that of other local health clubs. They will recoup their extravagant capital investment because the facility is so nice, clean and now popular, people are willing to spend a few dollars more each month for what is considered a significant upgrade.

Cabi has created a clothing line that appeals to fashion oriented women in their 40’s. They have also developed a marketing and distribution model focused on word of mouth marketing only. Women create a fun, friendly buying environment with wine, cheese and hip, stylish clothing. The “host” gets a discount and points based on items sold.

Cava Bistro is popular because it is popular. The food is good and the atmosphere is upbeat and hip in a suburban kind of way. People go there because people go there and talk about it.

Sharon is wired, connected and looked to in her peer group for local information of all that is cool. Every community has several Sharons.   Your challenge is to figure out how to make it very easy for her to talk about you (in person, online, email, twitter, facebook, etc) and give her something to talk about.

Accomplish that in a hip, stylish, authentic way and you've got something.

What one improvement can you make to your return policy, product design, hold music, front entrance, presentation delivery, or employee vacation policy that will make people talk. Answer that and Sharon will find you.

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