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In tough times (like now) true leadership is needed

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in Quiet Power

With the global economy sagging, your company tightening its belt, your stock worth dwindling and your children thinking you don’t understand what they are going through, there is a lot of duress and stress in life.

When I asked a mentor, who is experiencing all of the above, how he was doing he beamed back an energetically happy and emphatic, “I’m okay!” 

“Has something happened that you’re so upbeat?” I asked.

“No, I have no good argument for feeling that way. I just am.”

The same day, I asked a real estate company executive how the market was. “Well, it’s down 22%.”

I offered an empathetic, “That’s unfortunate.” His response, “It’s not for me, I’m doing deals in the other 78%.”

Bad times/bad things will happen even to good people (and more than once in a lifetime). It has little to do with your degree, university, employer or the economy. It has everything to do with your mind-set.

To step up as a leader, manage your attitude – don’t leave it to others. Take on and stick with a productive and constructive perspective. Don’t let the press, family, friends or colleagues sway you with a negative and destructive perspective. 

And, concern yourself with others’ concerns not yours. If you have their interests at heart they’ll help you with yours.

Be more decisive, not less, despite the times. Think an issue through, take a stand and take action even with the risk of making a mistake.  Try to avoid missteps but don’t fear them; holding back will stagnate and stall potential improvement in the situation.

Don’t skimp on integrity. At a time when others are vulnerable, when no one will notice, when you could “sneak something by,” refrain. Either route you take will get noticed if not now, later.

Be consistent. When so much is uncertain, true leaders are constant in their attitude management and action. When people see what they can expect from you over time, every time, you’ll develop their trust, be their leader of choice and be ahead of the group when times improve.

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