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Pick Your Poison – Fear or Regret

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in The 60-Second Sales Seminar

Of the thousand and one excuses not to prospect, the reason that lies at the base of most of them is fear. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of the unknown, fear of being unprepared, and the fear of looking foolish.

For all its rewards, prospecting can be scary. Every time you pick up the phone or walk into an office to make a cold call, you face more than just fear. You face gatekeepers who believe it's their mission in life to keep you from the decision maker. You face prospects that are determined to test your mettle, your product knowledge, and your conviction.

If you give in to your fears, you will simply be trading one negative feeling - fear, for another - regret. You'll not only feel bad about yourself for cowering in the face of cold calling, but you'll always wonder what you could have accomplished if you had forced yourself to push through your fear.

When your competition lands the account you had identified but never contacted, the thought, "That should have been mine," will be pounding in your brain. When a colleague brings in an account you targeted, but with whom you never followed through, you'll want to scream, "Hey, that's my account," but you won't because you know that you had your chance and didn't take it.

Regret leaves a bad taste in your mouth - one that lingers for a long time...  Fear, on the other hand, evaporates with every positive action. So, bite the bullet and make your prospecting calls. Eventually, the fear will dissipate altogether and the regret will never materialize.

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