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A Legend in His Own Mind

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in Business Management,Office Technology

The June 2008 issue of Fast Company features a cover story on ad agency Crispin Porter and the much-talked-about Apple campaign “PC vs. Mac.”

On the cover is a photo of the agency’s creative honcho, Alex Bogusky, doing his best to look smug, self-assured, and ultra-cool.

The article praises the creativity of Bogusky and company on their ad programs for anti-smoking (”raw, awarding-winning”), Burger King (turning its King character into an “unlikely icon”), Orville Redenbacher, and others.

The article, which starts on page 64, goes on and on about how innovative and revolutionary and cool Bogusky’s campaigns are.

But I had to read to page 70 before I found any specific numbers on sales results — which said that sales of VW, whose ad campaigns are created by Crispin Porter, have fallen 6%.

Alex Bogusky and Crispin Porter are all about branding, of course. Clients, consumers, and the ad industry may love their work, talk about it, and give it awards.

But can anyone demonstrate that Bogusky can move product, whether cars or PCs, out of the showroom and off the shelves?

If not, I have no problem with that, but then why would Fast Company put his smug mug on the cover and write a hero worshipping article treating him as a marketing genius … when the only proof of such is purely subjective?

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