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When you rattle off your employee-benefit offerings to prospective employees, what raises their eyebrows?

It's probably not the basics: People have come to expect health/life/dental, 401(k), etc. What really catches a prospect's attention are the creative perks that prove your organization has their interests in minds.

To help start the ball rolling, here are 10 examples of inspired, real-life benefit programs:

1. Marital counseling. The founder of Chick-fil-A restaurants has been married for more than 50 years and wants his employees to be as blissfully bonded. So, he offers premarital and marital counseling to headquarters employees and franchise owners. The company believes marital strife can damage employees' performance, so this perk aims to help employees improve communication before domestic problems affect work.

2. Tell employees to take a hike. A Michigan auto supplier, Freudenberg-NOK, launched a Walk for Well...(register to read more)

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