Where Starbucks Fails

Starbucks mission statement, according to their Web site, is to “develop enthusiastically satisfied customers all of the time.”

If that’s so, can anyone answer me why none of the Starbucks in my area can give me a slice of lemon with my iced tea?

I mean, that’s a pretty reasonable request, right? Even Wendy’s, purveyor of crappy fast food, serves iced tea with fresh lemon slices.

But when I accompany my wife to Starbucks, which she loves for the coffee, the only way I can get lemon flavor in my iced tea is to have lemonade added to it — because none of the Starbucks she goes to carries actual lemon.

Seems to me this is a serious mission disconnect for a company with the rather modest goal of giving people drinks they like.

One of the Starbucks here has a sign that says to speak up if your drink isn’t “perfect.” When I do, I get a shrug, a smile, and an apology — but no lemon.

I wouldn’t make noise about this, except so many hold Starbucks up as an example of business brilliance, and this rather obvious service flaw makes me wonder why.