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Are You Addicted to Your BlackBerry?

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in Career Management

Not me, because I don’t carry a BlackBerry, BlueTooth, wireless laptop, or even a cell phone — no PDA, no beeper, no mobile technology of any kind.

But that’s because I’m not mobile; I’m here at this PC 12 hours a day, and at home the rest of the time. I don’t travel.

But I’m in the minority. According to a survey of 6,500 executives, conducted for Sheraton Hotels and reported in the Daily News (9/15/08):

>> 85% of professionals feel compelled to be on call around the clock.

>> 85% occasionally get up in the middle of the night to check their e-mail.

>> 87% bring their BlackBerrys into the bedroom at night, and 84% check their e-mail right before going to sleep.

Barbara Ehrenreich, in her essay “The Cult of Busyness,” said that being busy has become the new status symbol, more than cars, homes, clothes, or money.

And although if I was a road warrior, I think I WOULD carry at least a cell phone and maybe a BlackBerry or wireless laptop, or both ….

I can’t help wondering if carrying all this mobile technology reflects a subtle or even unconscious desire to show off how busy or important we are to others (like not wanting to be the only business person not doing work on the airplane).

What wireless gadgets do YOU carry?

Do they really make you more productive?

Or make you feel more important (come on, admit it!)?

Do they add to or relieve stress?

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