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It’s Not Too Late to Profit from This Hot Marketing Trend

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in Business Management

Normally, by the time you read about a new idea in marketing, it’s too late for you to stand out as an early adopter, because the early adopters are all already using it.

But online video is a growing trend, and it’s NOT too late for you to boost your online conversions, sales, and traffic with it!

According to an article in NJ Biz (10/6/08, p. 5), video sent as data over the Internet will grow from 10% of all video this year to 35% by 2013.

Yet right now, most Internet marketers are not taking advantage of the selling power of online video: most landing pages and web sites you see are text and graphics, with little or no streaming audio or video.

Have you tested adding online audio or video (or both) to your web sites, landing pages, and micro sites? What lift have you seen in conversion? Or (heaven forbid) did the online video actually DEPRESS response?

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