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How to Create “Instant” Information Products in Just One Hour

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in Business Management

Want to get into information marketing, but are intimidated by the idea of having to create a product?

Start small, with a product that does not require you to do any research or writing.

The quickest and easiest product to start with is to produce a 1-hour audio CD.

Depending on the topic, you can sell your single CD for $29 to $49 – occasionally more.

Here are the steps….

1–Select a topic.

What topic? More about that in a minute.

2–Make a list of questions your buyer is likely to have about the subject.

3–Find a subject matter expert who is willing to be interviewed by you and answer your questions.

4—Interview your expert for about an hour over a conference line. You ask the questions, and the expert answers.

5–Sell the audio as a CD, downloadable MP3, or transcript.

What will it cost to produce your first information product this way?

About an hour of your time, and none of your money – since you can set up a conference line for the recording here for free:


“What topic should I choose for my information product?” I can hear you asking.

That’s a good question.

I assume your goal is to generate thousands of dollars a week in passive income.

And you plan to make this money by selling your information products online.

The trick is NOT to write copy that somehow convinces the prospect to buy a product he doesn’t need.

It’s to create information products that deliver the desirable benefits your online prospects want, need, are starving for, and cannot live without.

The easiest information products to sell online: those that either make or save the buyer money.

Almost as good: information products that save the buyer time or aggravation.

Popular topics include: how to make major consumer purchases (e.g., buy a used car) … solve a problem (e.g., beat a speeding ticket) … or make money with a home business (e.g., become a home inspector).

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