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6 Simple Steps to Wealth, Power, and Success

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in Business Management,Leadership Skills

As I see it, there are 6 factors responsible for any individual’s success or lack thereof, especially in business and wealth building.

They are:

>> Aptitude … some people gravitate towards activities that make money (e.g., they are interested in investing or business) – while others are naturally attracted to fields that are less lucrative (e.g., poetry, pottery).

>> Hard work … some people are willing to put in grueling hours to achieve great wealth and material abundance. Others are not willing to sacrifice their hours for dollars, and would rather spend their time in other ways, from playing golf to going camping with their kids.

>> Luck … no matter how much of a technical genius or savvy businessman Bill Gates is, a lot of his success was largely the result of being in the right place at the right time.

>> Perseverance … many rich and successful people got that way simply because they persisted vs. the vast majority who give up at the first roadblock or failure.

>> Brains … being smart – either in the classic I.Q. smart or street smarts – is a decided advantage. And despite what our Constitution says, not all of us are born equal in this regard.

>> Talent … no matter how much I want it or how much I train, there is no chance on Earth of me becoming the next American Idol – or even runner-up.

All of these factors obviously have a great effect on the course of your life. But of these, I believe aptitude is the most important – and unfortunately, the one least under our control. I mean: you like what you like.

You read about those guys on Wall Street with their million-dollar bonuses. And maybe you turn green with envy. But in your mind you know — and say to yourself — “Hey, that ain’t for me.”

The comforting old saying motivational speakers love to spout is that “if you pursue your passion, the money will come.” Sadly, this often isn’t true.

My friend SB pursued his passion as a poet for over 40 years. He had dozens of his poems published in magazines. But he is neither rich nor famous – although I believe (but don’t know for certain) that SB is pretty happy.

So, how can you find more success, peace, and happiness in your life? You have to make a decision. The decision is whether to pursue your passion and enjoy it and be at peace with that path in life … even if you never make much money doing it.

Or, you can decide that your primary goal is money; i.e., You want to be rich, and you are willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen – reasoning that once you are rich, then you can afford to indulge in your passions.

Which path have you chosen — and why?

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