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Web sites must meet marketing objectives…and many don't

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in Business Management

Since putting up my Web site, www.bly.com, in April 1998, I’ve received a ton of unsolicited e-mails, faxes, and phone calls—from casual Internet surfers as well as Web professionals—with all sorts of advice on how to make my Web site better. 

Unfortunately, more than 90 percent of their suggestions are almost totally off the mark … and would be a complete waste of my time and money. 

Why is this the case? It’s not that site visitors don’t have valid opinions on graphics or content, or that Web professionals don’t have good ideas. They do. 

The problem is, all the advice is given with no thought to the business objective of my site … and whether the enhancement would further this goal. 

For example, a Web consultant called and said: “You are not getting nearly as much traffic as you should. I can help you get much more.” He would advise me, he promised, on how to help my Web site get more hits than the New York Yankees. I po...(register to read more)

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