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10 ways to improve your trade show direct mail

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in Business Management

Direct mail, in the hands of a knowledgeable pro, can be a powerful promotion that builds both traffic, targets key prospects, generates sales leads, fills conference rooms, creates an awareness of an event and your participation in it.  Or gets the word out about your products and services. 

Unfortunately, most trade-show direct mail I see violates the fundamentals of successful direct marketing.  For this reason, few of these mailings generate anywhere near the desired response. (How many of your mailings produce the results you want or expect?) 

Here are 10 proven techniques for creating direct mail that works.  Try them in your next letter or invitation and watch your response rate soar.
  1. The importance of the list.  Even the most brilliant package will flop if it is mailed to the wrong list.  Selecting the right mailing list is the most important step in ensuring direct mail success.  According to Freeman Gosden, Jr., aut...(register to read more)

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