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Ten tips for better user manuals

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in Business Management

When installing the hottest new office workstation and software, the key to raising user productivity often is not the products themselves.  Rather, it’s the manuals that introduce the innocent to new technology.             

Poorly written manuals have plagued computer users for decades — probably since the first electronic computer, Eniac, was switched on in 1946.  A clear, easy-to-follow manual can increase productivity, save money, speed acceptance, and increase usage of a new software product or computer system.  Here are 10 guidelines for your manual writers to live by.  These tenets will ensure that your organization’s manuals communicate the right message to users:
  1. Organize logically.  The best way to organize most computer manuals is by user tasks rather than by machine functions.  The distinction makes a world of difference to users.  They’re much more concerned about how the product can help on their jobs than abou...(register to read more)

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