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Can't find good newsletter items: here are 29 good places to look

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in Business Management

Coming up with good story ideas is one of the toughest tasks in publishing a company newsletter. Here's a checklist of story sources to stimulate editorial thinking and help identify topics with high reader interest that help to promote the company.
  1. Product stories: New products; improvements to existing products; new models; new accessories; new options; and new applications.

  2. News: Joint ventures; mergers and acquisitions; new divisions formed; new departments; other company news. Also, industry news and analyses of event and trends.

  3. Tips: Tips on product selection, installation, maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting.

  4. How-To articles: Similar to tips, but with more detailed instructions. Examples: How to use the product; how to design a system; how to select the right type or model.

  5. Previews and reports: Write-ups of special events such as trade shows, conferences, sales meetings, seminars, presentations, and press conferences....(register to read more)

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