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What works best in e-mail marketing: long copy or short copy?

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in Business Management

“What works best in e-mail marketing?” I got asked for the umpteenth time the other day. “Long copy or short copy?”

It’s a quandary for direct marketers much more so than general marketers. Here’s why:

There’s a widely held viewpoint that, on the Internet, the less copy the better. Web marketing experts tell us that the Internet is faster-paced than the “snail mail” world, that attention spans are shorter, and long messages get zapped into oblivion with the click of the mouse. “Keep it short!” they extol in countless advisory e-zines.             

General advertisers, for the most part, also believe that when it comes to copy, the shorter the better. Often their print ads have large pictures and only a handful of words. So they have no trouble embracing the “people don’t read” mentality the Web marketing gurus say works best.             

But traditional direct marketers whose products are typically sold with long copy direct ...(register to read more)

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