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12 more tips for writing internet direct mail that works

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in Business Management

As we rapidly gain experience and test results from Internet direct mail, we are learning more every day about what works in this new medium. Here are some techniques that seem to be successful in increasing click-throughs and conversions.
  1. Short statements that teaser the reader, similar to “fascinations” in printed direct mail (e.g., “What never to eat on an airplane”), work well as “SUBJECT” lines in Internet direct mail. Example: “Advice from Bill Gates” is better than “Bill Gates on Innovation.”

  2. As with printed direct mail, offers that contain a “bribe” — a discount, free gift, free shipping and handling, buy one and get one free — are extremely effective in e-mail marketing.

  3. Free money is a powerful offer and, given the dynamics of online buying and the lifetime value of an Internet customer, it can often be profitable. Example: One marketer told potential registrants that one of them who signed up on the Web site during a...(register to read more)

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