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15 tips for writing internet direct mail that works

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in Business Management

Internet direct mail typically generates a response rate between 1 and 20 percent, although some do better and a few do worse. The copy in your e-mail plays a big role in whether your e-marketing message ends up at the bottom or the top of that range. Here are 15 proven techniques for maximizing the number of e-mail recipients who click-through to your Web site or other response mechanism.
  1. At the beginning of the e-mail, put a “FROM” line and a “SUBJECT” line. The “SUBJECT” line should be constructed like a short attention-grabbing, curiosity-arousing outer envelope teaser, compelling recipients to read further—without being so blatantly promotional it turns them off. Example: “Come on back to Idea Forum!”

  2. The e-mail “FROM” line identifies you as the sender if you’re e-mailing to your house file. If you’re e-mailing to a rented list, the “FROM” line might identify the list owner as the sender. This is especially effective with...(register to read more)

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