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in Business Management

Once, I had to help a computer leasing company figure out what to emphasize in its marketing.    

The company provided financing to computer buyers through the resellers that put together and sell computer systems.    

Their marketing was targeted at resellers. The goal was to get the resellers to recommend the leasing company as a financing source.    

The CEO said that these resellers chose them because of the free gifts they gave the resellers for recommending the leasing company — and the gifts should be stressed in the marketing.    

The president was afraid that, if the company advertised free gifts too heavily (and gifts are rather lavish and high end, such as color TVs), the resellers would stay away, figuring that they were being charged higher rates to cover the cost — and therefore were not getting the best deal for their buyers.    

I didn’t know anything about computer resellers, and the only one I knew personal...(register to read more)

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