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What’s wrong with direct marketing today

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in Business Management

It’s no secret that direct marketing isn’t what it used to be.             

Oh, it can still work. But costs are rising, response rates are falling, and it’s tougher today than a decade ago to get long-running controls in the mail.             

So, what’s wrong with direct marketing? In my opinion, the three biggest problems in direct marketing today are the “3 C’s”: creativity, clutter, and credibility.


“One of the most insidious trends to emerge in the past few years is the mediocrity of all forms of creative,” says consultant Don Libey. “The technological embedding, digitalization, and all-important web functionality have supplanted true creative excellence with the dreary grayness of creative expediency.             

“Direct marketing — a discipline that thrived and reached heretofore unachieved success in commerce — did so on the power of creative originality, innovation, and the master of the cre...(register to read more)

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Pretty Angel March 8, 2012 at 4:56 am

hi.. I like to know more about other problems found in business marketing field that may assist me in preparing my MBA BUSINESS research.
Pretty Angel


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