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How to help search engines find your site

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in Business Management

Because so many Web sites crowd the Internet, you need to make an extra effort to get yours noticed.  One way to attract attention is to make your site search-engine-friendly — that is, to increase the odds that search engines will find your site. 

There are two key steps that can help you do this.

First, submit your site to directories such as Yahoo! and The Open Directory. 

Second, make your Web site findable by search engines that send out “spiders” and “crawlers” to scour the Web. Some of the information those spiders and crawlers seek can be found in “META tags” -- words or phrases embedded within the HTML code used to create Web sites. 

Before you create your own tags, it’s a good idea to take a look at those of others, especially competitors and colleagues. You can easily open a window and view the META tags of any Web site you visit. 

From your browser’s tool bar, simply choose the “View” menu. Then click on “Sourc...(register to read more)

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