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9 strategies for improving your outer envelope

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in Business Management

It’s not uncommon for a marketer to invest a tremendous amount of time, effort, and money in a new direct mail package, and then create the outer envelope almost as an afterthought.             

That’s a mistake, because tests have shown that varying the outer envelope can increase or depress response rates in an A/B split — even if the mailing inside is identical — by 25% to 100% or more.             

Here are 9 important outer envelope factors to consider when putting together your next mailing:
  1. To tease or not to tease? We use outer envelope teasers because we think the strong teaser we have written will increase response.  But there are times when a teaser — even one we think is strong — has the opposite effect and actually decreases response.

    Some marketers argue that the purpose of the teaser is to get the recipient to open the outer envelope. But a blank envelope from a stranger gets opened every time: you want to know ...(register to read more)

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