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What works best in b-to-b direct mail: Short copy or long?

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in Business Management

“What’s the most effective length for a business-to-business sales letter?” a reader asked me the other day. Let me see if I can give some sensible guidelines to answer this common question.

To begin with, most of my colleagues in direct marketing agree that the trend in copy length is this: consumer mailings are getting longer, while business-to-business mailings are getting shorter.

Consumer mailings are getting longer because prospects are more skeptical than ever, hence they need more sales arguments to convince them to buy.

Business mailings are getting shorter because business prospects are increasingly pressed for time. Some consumers are too, but not all.

We can divide business-to-business letters into two categories: lead-generating letters (designed to generate an inquiry) and mail-order letters (designed to generate an order).

As a rule of thumb, lead-generating business-to-business letters are either one or two pages ...(register to read more)

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