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Deciding what to insert with the sales letter in your DM package

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in Business Management

When creating a DM package selling a newsletter subscription, you know you’re going to have an outer envelope, a sales letter, an order form, and a business reply envelope. But what else? Should you use a sample issue or specimen issue? Or is a sales brochure better? Here are the options available and guidelines for selecting the right one for your package and your product:
  • Sample issue. Use a sample issue when there is something inherently appealing about the format of the newsletter itself. One example is Communication Briefings, whose presentation of bite-size tidbits of information can only be communicated effectively with a sample issue. Likewise, the major advantage of Bits & Pieces — the fact that it fits easily in a shirt pocket — is best demonstrated with a sample.
  • Specimen issue. A “specimen” issue is a sample issue that is not the actual newsletter from any particular month, but rather a sample composite assembled f...(register to read more)

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