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How to hire a freelance copywriter

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in Business Management

Hiring a freelance copywriter is no small responsibility. Make the right choice, and you get great copy that brings in leads, sales, and profits — in bushels.

Make the wrong choice, and you end up pouring thousands of dollars down the drain.

Fortunately, you can avoid that particular heartache (most of the time, anyway) simply by knowing what to look for in a direct response copywriter.

Here are some of the questions prospective clients ask me most often. My answers, of course, represent the prejudices of one person — a working freelance copywriter and so the right answers for you may be different. But in any event, the questions must still be asked.

"Do you have experience in direct marketing?

The answer should be "yes," and backed up by samples.

As far as I can see, most copywriters trained in "general" or "image" advertising have embraced a style and approach to ad writing that is the direct opposite of what makes for a succe...(register to read more)

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