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Improving your technical writing skills

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in Business Management

Reading, writing, and 'rithmetic. Engineers know the first and the third basics well, but some have trouble with the second.  Learn how to master this extremely important skill.

Three obstacles that prevent engineers, managers, and other professionals from turning out good technical prose are a lack of prewriting planning; mastering the writing process; and overcoming procrastination and writer's block. Let's take a look at ways to overcome these hurdles.

Before you begin any kind of writing project, give yourself the TAP test — TAP for, "Do I understand my Topic, my Audience! and my Purpose?''

Effective writing begins with a clear definition of the specific topic you want to write about. The big mistake many engineers make is to tackle a topic that's too broad. For example, the title ''Project Management'' is too all encompassing for a technical paper. You could write a whole book on the subject. But by narrowing the scope, sa...(register to read more)

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