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Book excerpt: How to ask for and get the fees you deserve

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in Business Management

One of the toughest questions beginning and experienced service providers wrestle with is: "How much should I charge?"  You probably have a standard fee, or range of fees, you want to charge (or have been charging) your clients. But is it the right fee? The amount of money you charge and how you present this fee to your potential clients plays a big role in determining whether you make the sale and get the project.

Charge too little, and you diminish your prestige and importance in the eyes of your client. You also diminish the perceived value of your services and dramatically reduce your own earnings. A low fee may get you a contract you might otherwise have lost, but will you be happy doing the work for so little money?

People who sell products don't worry about this too much, because they can usually make it up on volume. But when you are selling your services, you are also selling the finite amount of time you have availab...(register to read more)

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