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Tips on using testimonials

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in Business Management

Using testimonials—quotations from satisfied customers and clients—is one of the simplest and most effective ways of adding punch and power to brochure, ad, and direct mail copy.

But how do you get testimonials? How do you use them?

Here are some tips for using testimonials:
  1. Always use real testimonials instead of made-up ones. Even the most skilled copywriter can rarely make up a testimonial that can match the sincerity and credibility of genuine words of praise from a real customer or client.

    If you ask a customer to give you a testimonial, and he or she says, “Sure, just write something and I’ll sign it,” politely reply: “Gee, I appreciate that, but would you mind just giving me your opinions of our product—in your own words?” Fabricated or self-authored testimonials (those written by the advertiser or their copywriter) usually sound phony; genuine testimonials invariably have the ring of truth.

  2. Prefer long testimonials to sho...(register to read more)

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