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50 lead-generating tips

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in Business Management

What should you know when planning a lead-generating direct mail program?  Here are a few pointers to guide you in the right direction:
  1. How many steps are there in the buying process for this product?  Where in this process does my mailing fit?

  2. What can I tell my prospect that will get him to take the next step in the buying process?

  3. Can I reduce selling costs by creating a mailing designed to produce a direct sale (a mail order) instead of any inquiry?

  4. How many leads do I want to generate?  Do we want a large quantity of “soft” leads?  Or are we better off getting a smaller number of more highly qualified leads?

  5. What happens if the mailing produces too many leads?  Too few?

  6. Is there a geographic region that my sales force does not cover?  How can I respond to inquiries from this region?

  7. What is the primary market for my product or service? (Which industry needs it most?)

  8. Are there any secondary markets for the product large enough ...(register to read more)

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