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When you want customers to buy, tell them they can't

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in Business Management

A few years ago I came across a brochure for an independent consultant, Sommers White.

The brochure promoting White’s consulting services was written entirely in question and answer format. But what really caught my eye was the first Q & A in the lead:

Q: Why should I hire Sommers White?
A: Perhaps you should not.

Why is this opening so effective?

First, it is unexpected. The surprise factor gets your attention.

Second, it instantly builds White’s credibility. Obviously, here is a guy who only wants clients he can help. He won’t just take any business. He has to believe he can really help you before he will work with you. What an ethical guy!

Third, it actually enhances the desire to find out more about White and possibly hire him. It’s intriguing. Who is this man of mystery? Why is he so sure of himself that he doesn’t even want your business?

This technique of selling is called “the takeaway close.” White did not invent it, althou...(register to read more)

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