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Is exhibiting at trade shows a waste of time? Without a good ROI, yes.

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in Business Management

Early in my career, I worked as advertising manager for Koch Engineering, a company that made mixers and other equipment for the chemical process industry.

I liked a lot of things about the job, but one thing I didn’t like was managing our trade show exhibits.

Unpacking and setting up the booth was pain, and staffing the booth was boring — a lot of standing around waiting and hoping real prospects would come into the exhibit and express interest in our products.

But I did learn a few tricks about trade show exhibiting during my tenure with Koch (I also handled trade shows for Westinghouse in an earlier job) that I’d like to pass on to you.

First, nothing attracts people to your booth like action — whether it’s motion, an activity, a model, or a demonstration.

At Koch Engineering, we sold “internals” — devices that went into the innards of chemical plants where they helped liquids react.

We made a crude working model of a miniature...(register to read more)

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