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Competition? What competition?

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in Business Management

As a freelance copywriter, I’ve noticed that my clients are of two minds when it comes to briefing me on their competition.

On one end of the spectrum are clients who seem not to acknowledge competitors. They provide no background information on their competitors when briefing me for a copywriting assignment, and don’t seem enthusiastic about my asking for a list of competitor Web sites to visit.

On the other end of the spectrum are clients whose marketing strategy revolves around knowing what the competition is up to at all times and continually differentiating against it. They provide me with thorough briefings on competitors that include Web sites, competitive analysis, product samples, and tear sheets of promotions.

This begs the question: Should you obsess over competitors? Or is it safe to ignore them and focus on the unique value your product brings to the market?

I find that the importance of acknowledging and addressing...(register to read more)

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