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How to write subject lines that get your e-mail opened and read

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in Business Management

When prospects get your e-mail marketing message, they make a quick decision, usually in a couple of seconds, to open or delete it based largely on the subject line. But given the glut of promotional e-mail today, how can you convince a busy prospect — in just a few words — that your message is worthy of attention?

The “4 U’s” copywriting formula, which stands for urgent, unique, ultra-specific, and useful, can help.

Originally developed by my colleague Michael Masterson for writing more powerful headlines, the 4 U’s formula works especially well with e-mail subject lines. I’ll share it with you now.  According to this formula, strong subject lines are:

  • Urgent. Urgency gives the reader a reason to act now instead of later. You can create a sense of urgency in your subject line by incorporating a time element. For instance, “Make $100,000 working from home this year” has a greater sense of urgency than “Make $100,000 working...(register to read more)

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