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Traditional vs. “guerilla” online marketing

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in Business Management

There are two types of marketing in the world today:

  1. “Traditional” marketing with its relatively larger budget and reliance on standard methodology and mainstream media, and

  2.  “guerilla” marketing, which is reliant on non-traditional tactics, alternative media, and such tools as bartering and negotiating to cut costs to a minimum.

In offline direct marketing, “traditional” usually means sending either a solo direct mail package or a catalog to a house file or rented mailing lists. “Guerilla” direct marketing in the offline world, by comparison, can involve anything from a package insert and bill stuffer, to per inquiry advertising and late-night TV spots on cable.

In online marketing, traditional marketing usually means banner ads or e-mails sent to rented e-lists of opt-in names. Cost per thousand (CPM) for these opt-in lists is typically $150 to $400 per thousand.

“Guerilla” online marketing, by comparison, seeks to generate inq...(register to read more)

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James Morgan June 15, 2011 at 5:27 pm

It all boils down to “there’s no free lunch”. Whether you pay for leads by actual dollars or by time creating links to attract visitors to your websites, the price must be paid. However, if you have done your homework and created a great product or service that meets a want or need the expense, whether in time or money, will be worth it. http://www.onlinemoneythruaffiliates.com/


marketing strategy May 23, 2010 at 3:42 pm

Marketing tip: Is the greatest benefit of your product in the headline of the ad?


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