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Breaking into your prospect’s e-mail “inner circle”

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in Business Management

With direct mail response rates continuing to decline, telemarketing impeded by the Do Not Call list, and CAN-SPAM controlling e-mail marketing, direct marketers are constantly exploring channels to find the magic formula that will work for them.

In e-mail marketing, the explosion of spam and the widespread use of e-mail filtering software have depressed click-through rates to new lows. So how can you make e-mail marketing work?

According to an article in The Marketing Report (10/27/03, p. 5), a survey by Nielsen/NetRatngs found that most people regularly open and read a maximum of 16 permission-based emails. The only way to break into the inner circle is to displace someone, the survey said.

And an article in DM News (10/16/03) reports, “Marketers will have to enter that emerging inner circle of trusted companies from whom people are willing to keep reading e-mails.”

Okay, but how do you break into this inner circle of e-mail s...(register to read more)

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