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23 tips for creating business-to-business mailings that work

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in Business Management

  1. Short letters — one or two pages — usually work best.  Executives don’t have time to wade through a lengthy sales pitch.  Exceptions: subscriptions, seminars, and some other mail-order offers.

  2. If you can personalize, great!  But form letters addressed to “Dear Executive” or “Dear Engineer” can also pull well.

  3. Should business mailings take a “consumer approach?”

    • Some mailers argue that executives are human beings before they are businesspeople — hence, all consumer DM techniques can apply to business mail.

    • But remember, in addition to being people, executives have professional  responsibilities.  And they take their work seriously.  So business mailings  must address their needs as professionals.  Not every consumer gimmick  is appropriate For business mail.

  4.  In particular, avoid “busy” graphics (e.g., Publishers Clearing House).  Use graphics that make your mailing immediately clear, easy-to-follow, and easy to read.

  5. If an envel...(register to read more)

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