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Enhancing your credibility with your subscribers

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in Business Management

Note: This article originally appeared in the Newsletter on Newsletters and was written for newsletter publishers. Readers selling other products or services can substitute “product or service” for “newsletter,” “company” for “editor,” and “customer” for “subscriber” or “reader” when applying the advice below.

“People buy from people they like and trust” is an established sales truism, but how many people receiving your DM package have even heard of your publication or editor or you, much less like and trust you?

Your DM copy must work hard to build the credibility that will get the reader to trust you enough to order and rely on your information. Here are some techniques copywriters use to establish credibility quickly in their mailings:

  1. Show a picture of your building or establish a physical presence to prove you’re more than just a mailbox. Promotions for Dr. Atkins’ Health Revelations show a photograph of his impressive 7-s...(register to read more)

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