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What my dad taught me about yellow pages advertising

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in Business Management

Here’s one Yellow Pages advertising technique that may work for you. Ironically, I learned it from my dad.

I say “ironically” because my father had no interest in advertising or marketing. His expertise was insurance — he was an insurance agent, and he knew the technical aspects of insurance inside and out.

He ran a one-man insurance agency in downtown Paterson using his own name — “F.W. ‘Dave’ Bly Insurance.”     F stood for Fabian, which he hated. Most people who hate their first names go by their middle name — but the “W” in “F.W.” stood for “Wolf,” which he equally despised.

He told me that when he was a kid and he met new kids who asked him his name, he would mumble “Fabe” — short for Fabian — and hope they couldn’t hear him clearly.

One day, another kid replied, “Did you say ‘Dave’?”

“Yeah,” said dad, and from then on he went by Dave — for the rest of his life.

His major means of advertising his agency was an ad in the Yello...(register to read more)

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