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Classy outfit…classy brochure?

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in Business Management

Marketers gain the most mileage from their corporate brochures when they focus on the reader — and on how the company can solve customer problems.  by Robert W. Bly

“Every company should have a corporate brochure,” advised Howard G. “Scotty” Sawyer in his book, “Business-to-Business Advertising.”  “A small company in order to become better know, a big company in order to give a clear picture of what has probably become, in the course of growing, a complicated and confused situation.”

Each year, thousands of companies follow Sawyer’s sensible advice.  But unfortunately, the end result leaves much to be desired.  Pick up any firm’s “corporate capabilities brochure” and you’re like to find a brag-and-boast document that puffs the corporate ego but fails to provide useful information to the prospect...a document that’s heavy on superlatives and light on specifics...in short, a document written for the advertiser — not the potentia...(register to read more)

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