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How to write more effective technical product brochures

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in Business Management

When I was the advertising manager for a process equipment manufacturer, one of my responsibilities was to serve as liaison between the advertising agency we hired to write our ads and product brochures and our staff engineers.

The engineers, because of their technical expertise in the subject matter, were responsible for reviewing the agency’s work.  As is often the case in our industry, the engineers complained that those “ad types” at the agency didn’t understand the product or the audience — and that their copy was way off base.

The agency countered that engineers may know technology but don’t know writing, marketing, design, or selling — and that they wanted to cram the brochures with too much unnecessary detail that would dilute the sales message.

Who was right? The fact is, both arguments have some merit.

On the agency side, ad agency folk often have a flair for creative, colorful communication, which can help a brochure ...(register to read more)

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deepa August 17, 2009 at 8:04 am

Do you have any tips on writing good technical product print advertisment? Like how much info can you really cram into the add and when is too much info bad. And what about headlines etc?


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