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A new way to IM: Office Bleepster

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in Office software,Office Technology

Imagine discreetly telling your boss while he’s in a meeting, “You have a visitor” or “Mike is holding on line 2.” And with one discreet push of a button, your boss could reply, “Be there in 5 minutes” or “Take a message.”

The iPad app Office Bleepster (http://officebleepster.com) is designed to make communication between an executive and assistant easy and seamless.

With 25 predetermined instant-message buttons, which you set up yourself, Office Bleep­ster allows for one-button to one-button communication. It omits only a tiny sound (or no sound at all), meaning visitors won’t notice that you just sent a “Would you like coffee?” message to your boss, who answered with one push of a button, “Yes.”

(Don’t have an iPad yet? This app could convince your boss to purchase one for you.)

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