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What bugs your boss about meetings

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in Meeting Management,Office Management

Starting or ending a meeting late ranks as the No. 1 complaint about company meetings, according to a survey by Accountemps.

Top pet peeves about company meetings among senior man­agers:

  • Not keeping to the schedule    31%
  • Unnecessary meetings    27%
  • People using PDAs or laptops for nonmeeting-related activities 18%
  • People interrupting each other   15%
  • Meetings scheduled during lunch   9%

One way to bring value to your role as an administrative pro­fessional is to proactively address some of these peeves, so your executive can work more effectively.


  • Attach time allotments for each agenda item.
  • Volunteer to be timekeeper for a standing meeting, to make sure the team sticks to the allotted times on the agenda.
  • When off-subject topics derail the meeting schedule, “park” them on a whiteboard titled “Parking Lot.” The group can acknowledge the topic, then get on with the agenda.
  • Close the meeting door, punctually, at the designated meeting time to signal the start of the meeting. You have a better chance of keeping to a schedule if the meeting starts on time.

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