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Can HR professionals really keep certification up-to-date while commuting or walking the dog?

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June 28, 2011

Pat DiDomenico

Can HR professionals really keep their certification up-to-date while commuting or walking the dog?

Falls Church, Va.— Many professions, including Human Resources, require continuing education to keep employees up-to-date on the latest workplace rules and rulings as well as the most effective HR strategies. The HR Certification Institute (HRCI) has determined that HR professionals can earn credits for time spent listening to recorded webcasts and audio conferences.

With audio recordings, professionals can work toward recertification at their convenience—from home, while commuting or, yes, even while walking the dog—via MP3 or CD player. (Although juggling the plastic bag and pooper-scooper could make it difficult to take notes!)

Business Management Daily and its sister publications The HR Specialist and HR Specialist:  Employment Law have received HRCI approval to offer a wide range of interesting and informative audio conferences. Just released: Beyond Behavioral Interviewing: Ask the Right Questions & Evaluate the Answers Correctly. (Listen to a 90 second clip.)  This new audio conference by Mel Kleiman—a leading authority on employee recruiting, selection and retention—offers critical insights on:

•    The 5 most important questions to ask every applicant (especially if you don’t want canned answers)
•    How to ask the tough question most interviewers don’t like to ask … and get the truth
•    How to know if the candidate has given a “good” answer
•    Why every candidate must be asked the same questions (Hint: “If you stop using the same yardstick, the yardstick doesn’t measure anything.”)
•    The surprising reason why interviewers should not have the applicant’s résumé in front of them during the interview (and other surprising tips to improve job interviewing)
•    How to “pull the thread” on a line of questioning with follow-up inquiries
•    How to use tools instead of time … and the power of testing
•    How to take bias and emotion out of the interviewing process

Kleiman, an energetic and popular speaker, has given more than 500 presentations and trained thousands of HR pros and supervisors. He’s the author of seven books, including the best-selling Hire Tough, Manage Easy, and is the onetime owner of three different businesses (including the largest group of Hertz Rent-A-Car franchise locations in the country). Kleiman’s expertise and creative insights give HR, as well as managers who conduct interviews, important information on how to select and retain quality people.

Credit Hours:
The above audio recording has been approved for 1.25 credit hours toward PHR and SPHR recertification through the Human Resource Certification Institute. Established in 1976, HRCI is an internationally recognized certifying organization for the human resource profession.

Beyond Behavioral Interviewing
is just one of many audio recordings offered by Business Management Daily for HR professionals and other business professionals in CD and MP3 format. For more offerings, click here.

For live webinars, click here:
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