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Reference checking: Gaining information from past employers

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in Centerpiece,Employment Background Check,Human Resources

business woman checking job applicant's referencesEmployment reference checking should be part of every company's hiring process. Done properly, checking employee references can improve the rate of successful new hires. However, due to fear of lawsuits, many former employers are reluctant to assist you with employment references.  Employers can use various techniques to get this important reference information.

1. When speaking with a prospective employee's references, what can an employer do or ask to obtain the most valuable, accurate information?

If you are fortunate enough to be able to ask questions of an applicant's former employer, don't squander the opportunity. Use these tricks of the trade for getting valuable information.

  • Read the applicant's résumé to the employer to see whether the duties and responsibilities listed are accurate.
  • Ask whether the individual is eligible for rehire. This question asks for a factual answer. If you ask, "Would you...(register to read more)

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