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Ridding The Workplace Of Rumors And Gossip

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in Human Resources

Riddle me this: What's something everyone does and is impossible to stop? The answer: Gossip! Just because there is nothing you can do to completely eliminate it from your workplace, doesn't mean you shouldn't do a thing about it. On the contrary, you and your managers can and should take steps to eliminate harmful rumors and gossip from circulating in your workplace.


The Root Of The Problem

Start by addressing some of the most common causes of widespread gossip.

  • Lack of communication. Foster an environment of open and honest communication. Keep employees informed about good and bad news to decrease their need to speculate and contribute to or rely on the office grapevine.

  • Ignorance. Make sure employees are fully aware that starting and spreading rumors and gossip is unacceptable.

  • Lack of respect. Managers must enforce workplace rules so employees understand the boundaries of bad behavior. This helps send the ...(register to read more)

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