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Dress codes: Legal tips for employers

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in Centerpiece,HR Management,Human Resources

dress code policyMost organizations create a dress code policy to ensure that employees come to work in appropriate attire and exhibiting acceptable appearance. But the way those business dress code policies are implemented can be the root of employee lawsuits.

Triggers for courtroom confrontations include Title VII religious accommodation requests that bump up against safety requirements; different grooming standards for men versus women; and applying discipline to employees who refuse to abide by the dress code policy.

FAQs about dress codes

1. A company has a strict dress code policy requiring all machine operators to wear pants while working. Can the employer discipline a veteran machinist who claims that she has converted to a religion that requires her to wear dresses?

If you prove that your dress code is for safety purposes, you will win in court. Long before the Occupational Safety and Health Act or Title VII, there wa...(register to read more)

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