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Diabetes & Urination: Don't Ignore Urgent Requests

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Diabetes is the cause of 15 million lost workdays a year in the United States and, starting in 2009, the ADA expressly makes diabetes a covered disability. A new court ruling shows the legal risk caused by supervisors who lack the understanding of (or compassion for) diabetic symptoms, which sometimes include frequent urination …  

Case in Point: Efrain Ortega, a die cast machine operator at an Illinois manufacturing company, was diagnosed with diabetes. His doctor sent a note to the company indicating that Ortega might need certain accommodations at work, including his need to urinate frequently, about every 15 minutes, as a symptom of his diabetes.

Twice he involuntarily urinated on himself at work because he couldn’t get to the restroom on time. Following those incidents, he claims he had three separate conversations with his supervisor. He asked for his work station to be moved closer to the restroom. His supervisor all...(register to read more)

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celt365 March 30, 2009 at 3:57 pm

This states that Ortega’s doctor sent a note to the company. Who did he send it to? HR? Ortega’s supervisior? Up to Mr. Ortega as to who should get the note?
How was the note sent? Via fax? E-mail? Postal mail? Sent along with Mr. Ortega?
It’s completely understandable that Mr. Ortega might have been unconfortable speaking to HR about a delicate subject, especially if the HR person was female. However, he did tell his supervisor, who did nothing to accomodate Ortega. What else was he supposed to do? Wear diapers?


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