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Holding the boss to his word

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Question: “Earlier this year, my boss promised me a salary increase by mid-year. When I reminded him about it, he said he'd forgotten — and then did nothing. (Because part of my job involves checking his e-mail, I know other employees have had similar issues with him.)  How should I approach him about honoring his promise? This is putting a strain on our working relationship!” — Judy, Minneapolis


Remind him again and expain to him how this is affecting your working relationship.
If this does not work, try talking privately to someone hirer up in the company.

Unfortunately some bosses get bogged down just like the rest of us, it definitely should not imply that your raise is not important to him. Being open and honest is the best policy. I would recommend taking initiatve to ask him about it, set up a meeting/time to discuss or ask him to lunch. If you don't ask you're only hurting yourself. Perhaps you can let him know that others are feeling the same way and offer a solution for him, such as offering to maintain a calendar of the raise dates of his employees. Good luck!

Your boss may have legitimately forgotten, or he may just be stalling. The fact that he did nothing after you "reminded" him should tell you something. Ask about it again, and try to get a definite date or something in writing. If you can't, chances are your boss has no intention of giving you the raise (or can't) but doesn't want to tell you so; possibly because you may decide to leave. You may have to decide if you are willing to stick with your job without the raise, or if you need to go elsewhere.

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